Built-in units

When designing a built-in unit, it is important to take into account not only the mode of operation and the required output but also the location where the unit is to be sited. This has a significant bearing on a range of factors including the design of the air, exhaust gas and cooling systems.

Naturally, we can also take into account special regulations when coming up with a design for your built-in unit. In Germany, for example, there are regulations which relate to buildings where large numbers of people congregate (DIN 6280-13, VDE 0100-718) or where increased safety requirements apply (DIN 6280-13, VDE 0100-710). Such buildings include department stores, banks, hospitals and airports.

We produce a system plan which takes into account all of these considerations and is tailored to your particular building, your specific needs and any special regulations. As a result, you can be sure that everything will work at the end!

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