The fact that every single project is unique makes project work difficult and complex for everyone involved. Each customer has specific needs when it comes to quality, quantity, timing and pricing. The use of resources must therefore be carefully planned, coordinated and monitored if these needs are to be met.

The way in which companies organise their processes plays a particularly important role.

Given that a customer’s needs can no longer be addressed in a purely sequential fashion, the processes in the relevant divisions must be designed to overlap.

ABZ’s processes are organised in exactly this way. The company’s wealth of experience and the close cooperation between its sales, development, construction, purchasing and production divisions make it the ideal partner when it comes to project work. This ensures maximum flexibility and minimal reaction times for our customers.

Thanks to this concept, ABZ was able to plan, manufacture, install and commission 965 container systems with a total output of 1.8 gigawatts within a period of just 18 months. This is the equivalent of the electrical output of two conventional power stations.

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