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Individual container solutions for every need

As numerous as the possible applications of our power generators are our solutions for containers. We provide conversion and modification of standard containers for mobile and residential applications in the following areas:

  • compressors

  • water treatment

  • generating set construction

  • switchgear construction

  • UPS container

  • battery container

  • plant engineering

  • special mechanical engineering

  • steel and pipeline construction

  • CSC approval

Depending on the requirements, the designs are supplied with special inside/outside insulation in accordance with fire protection specifications and a RAL coating finish according to DIN ISO 12944. If required, construction is made in accordance with weight limitation.



Container for mobile

  • Continuous operation

  • 150 KVA



  • Emergency power,
    mains parallel operation

  • 20`-Container,
    Height 1,8 m

  • with particulate filter

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