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Our products are power generators

for every application

Power generators from ABZ are proving themselves worldwide in a wide variety of designs and applications, whether as a main or additional energy source, diesel emergency power generator, individual gas/diesel power generator or plant in power plant capacity.

We design and manufacture power generation plants for the high power range from 50 kVA upwards up to the gigawatt range. Designed as a stationary installation or mobile plant, each gas or diesel power generator is precisely tailored to the operating context and the wishes of our customers. Precisely tailored solutions according to customer requirements – that is our strength!

Our range of products:

  • diesel or gas-driven gensets from an output of 50 kVA

  • systems in low and medium voltage

  • designed for continuous, emergency power, peak load or CHP operation in a variety of application areas

  • available as stationary, mobile, mobile units, installed in protective enclosure or container

  • automatic control systems and switchboards for single or parallel operation
    as well as all the necessary accessories

  • manufacture in accordance with individual client requirements

  • offshore and hybrid

Stationary and mobile in use - examples of our power generators

Stationary emergency power generators provide active protection


Safety-conscious companies and institutions know why they buy generators: a diesel generator is the intelligent supplement to existing mains connections – in critical situations the diesel emergency power generator simply steps in. And if the power supply fails, the generator automatically takes over the power supply within 10 to 15 seconds.

A system for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) offers an indispensable protection against direct mains disturbances and associated dangers such as data loss. When the power supply fails, the uninterrupted power supply installation takes over the power supply until the supply from the diesel generator arrives.

In a container compact installations are safe and flexible


Power package with distinct advantages! We provide you with the desired power generator installation, installed ready-to-use in a container. This means that the gas/diesel units and power generators are well protected and can be easily transported when changing location. The plant can be connected and commissioned in the shortest possible time.

We install the compact installations in modified standard ISO containers. We can always provide a CSC-Badge for sea transport for the modified containers if required.

As mobile plants, power generators are quickly on the spot


With our trailer installations we can also provide immediate power supply, no matter where required. We manufacture mobile power generators as single-axle, tandem, multiple-axle trailers with turntable steering, semi-trailer or as self-propelling vehicle mounted on a truck chassis.

Special enclosures protect the installation against dust and moisture and also generate lower sound emissions. The weather and sound protective enclosure manufactured according to the individual requirements of the client and the conditions at the place of installation.

Robust offshore plants in ABZ quality


Reliable power generating sets are fundamental for the offshore industry. Under difficult environmental conditions of wind, salt and high humidity they provide the necessary energy supply on drilling rigs, research platforms or for wind turbines and serving as emergency power systems protect against cost-intensive downtimes in the event of a malfunction.

As an experienced partner for industrial and marine applications ABZ offers the quality required on the high seas: sturdy designed diesel power generator with a long service life which ensure a secure power supply. Tuned to meet the customer-specific requirements of the offshore application, we deliver our systems installed in ocean-going and corrosion-resistant containers pursuant to international classification requirements.

Namely on basis of DNV-GL ST-0145, Offshore Substations and DNV-GL 2.7, Offshore Containers accompanying with DIN ISO 12944 as well as relevant logging and certification.

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